Bavarian Order of Merit for Evelyn Meining

12. July 2021
Evelyn Meining

Evelyn Meining, artistic director of the Mozartfest Würzburg and deputy chairwoman of the University Council of the Karlsruhe University of Music, is awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit. The honor by Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder is bestowed on socially outstanding personalities as a "token of honorable and grateful recognition for outstanding services to the Free State of Bavaria and the Bavarian people."

The Mozartfest Würzburg and the University of Music Karlsruhe – in particular the Institute for Music Journalism, Radio, TV and Internet – are linked by a successful project work within the framework of the "Mozart Laboratory". This collaboration is to thank for the animated film "Mozart searches," which the students produced for a 21-meter-wide and 4-meter-high screen known as "The Curve" at Würzburg's Vogel Convention Center. On December 4, 2020, this production had its premiere at the press conference for the 100th anniversary of the Mozart Festival in 2021. From a young perspective and using current technical possibilities, it pursues the idea of confronting Mozart with the digital present and with himself at the same time.

Mozart searches

photo: Dita Vollmond